Two cousins travelled around one of the areas that hit by the Australian Wildfires to save koalas and take them in their car.

Their cousin posted a video on Reddit showing these brave teenagers filled a car of koalas in the Kangaroo Island AKA Galapagos Islands thanks to the biodiversity in there.

Though Australia is still in the deadly wildfires that continues to destroying the continent, half billion animals and some entire species are totally erased. It’s also estimated that more than 200,000 koalas have died, and half of the Kangaroo Island have been devastated. there are still some positive stories and these boys made one of them.

Credit: Reddit/Steve_OH
Credit: Reddit/Steve_OH

19-year-old Micah and 18-year-old Caleb are not sure of the number of koalas they have rescued, though they suppose they are around twenty. Six of them are unfortunately orphaned and two of them are mothers with heir children.

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They claimed that they won’t stop after rescuing them, they will take care of them until they are able to go back to the wild again.

They couldn’t rescue all of them for sure, but they had to choose the most destroyed ones that truly need their help, and left the animal that seemed to be okay.

Credit: Reddit/Steve_OH
Credit: Reddit/Steve_OH

They believed that any animal that is active, mature and didn’t have burns will be able to fend themselves and there are other weak koalas that worth saving.

But in their journey of rescuing koalas, they faced the horrible truth, they saw 60% of the koalas burnt to death, and fifth of the koalas they saved died from their injuries in the first day.

Thank you for being positive and for going though this horror, you guys are making a huge difference.