When people hear that they are terminally ill, the world they live in crashes. Everything seems like a distant dream, and every moment seems just too short. Of course, it is understandable when such a person starts acting differently. They can hyperventilate and end up in a depressed state.

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However, there are some terminally ill people who can take the news with grace and act on it. Such a terminally ill person is Bobby Lynn Brockman. Brockman listened calmly when the doctor declared him to be a terminally ill person. But his immediate thought was not to take care of himself. He wanted to take care of his kids first and foremost.

terminally ill person

Brockman had prostate cancer. It was in remission for about a year but the diseas had struck back. It spread to his mouth and bones. When cancer spreads to the bones, it means that time has already run out. Twelve rounds of chemotherapy and more than 100 radiation treatments were ineffective. A cure was no longer there. The hospital sent the terminally ill person back home. He was given pain medication and a hospital bed.

At home, Brockman started to think about his family – or rather, his children. No, he is not married and does not have children. His concern was with his 4 furry rescues. They were his kids from the day he adopted them. He never felt alone with his kids. The family grew stronger when the puppies came. It is now strong with 3 small dogs and 4 large furry friends.

terminally ill person dogs

While the larger dogs can fend for themselves, the smaller dogs need a lot of care. Brockman has his days numbered so he is looking for a forever home for his dogs. It is his last wish.

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It will mean the world and more to him if he could release his last breath knowing that his kids are safe in a loving home.