written by: Hightower
Imagine living a life where everybody you meet beats you so badly that you can barely walk, imagine having so many diseases that you barely have the strength to live and imagine being so ugly because of your scars that nobody wants to adopt you. This was the life of Rudy until he found one a kindhearted woman who loved him enough to become his mother and welcomed him into her home and heart. The story of Rudy is one of heartbreak from seeing the cruelty of life as well as inspiration from watching what the kindness of one woman can do to make the world a better place. Before his mother adopted him Rudy the puppy was sitting at a shelter among the many millions of other dogs waiting to die and become just another statistics. His life had been so full of pain and misery that he almost seemed to welcome death as an end to his torment but just hours before he was to be put down, a group people working for Houston Street Dogs were touched by the sadness in his eyes and rescued him from his ugly fate. At first Rudy displayed utter terror of human beings because he had been physically abused to the point that most of his body was covered in scar tissue and his hip was so dislocated that he could hardly limp.

Rudy`s life changed forever when his adoptive mother saw him and knelt down to kiss him and for the first time in his life he knew what love and kindness meant. His mother took him home where she fed him, cleaned him and most importantly curdled him to show him that not all humans behave like animals. Rudy`s mother took him to a professional vet where she paid for treatment on a wide range of diseases such as pneumonia and heart-worms.

After three months of recovery Rudy is now healthy, strong and confident around humans. Rudy has grown a beautiful fur that covers his healing wounds and he even has a new family of dogs who like him are recovering from cruelties inflicted upon them by a heartless world. Rudy still can`t run due to his broken hip but his mother is raising money to take him for surgery so that he can be able to play with his new family without feeling any pain.

Video Source : Kelly Williams