It was a sad Thanksgiving at a Virginia family household, whose one-year-old Pit Bull mix dog Turkey had disappeared. Now, while they were searching far and wide for their lost family member, it was quite evident that the search was yielding no results. They had named their lost dog Turkey, because he resembled the antics of a turkey, before Thanksgiving. Sadly relevant, isn’t it?

But as the days went by, the Johnson family had to celebrate Thanksgiving without their lost dog, and beloved family member. Now, call it a Thanksgiving miracle, but a week later Turkey was found at a nearby shelter. The lost dog had been rescued by a couple who had paid $800 for him at a 7-11 and wanted to get him vaccinated.

lost dog

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As luck would have it, the director of the shelter recognized Turkey, and after scanning the badge that the lost dog had on, proclaimed that it was indeed Turkey who wouldn’t be going anywhere but home. Kimberley Sherlaw, the director had some apprehensions in the beginning but later became completely sure that the lost dog was Turkey, as she mentioned to News 3.

lost dog

Now, when you find your beloved family member back, it opens the floodgates. Jennifer Johnson similarly couldn’t hold back her tears after she was acquainted with the news of her lost dog. In fact, she thought that Christmas had come early, and at the Johnson household, it had.

Apart from showing the love between a dog and their owner, this incident also highlights the importance of placing a microchip in your dog’s badge. This has manifold advantages- not only will your dog not get lost or stolen, but it would also help end custody battles. Kimberley Sherlaw mentioned that with the microchip in question, any lost dog’s identity would be secured and their owner wouldn’t have to search the whole wide world for their beloved family member.

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Jennifer Johnson was still worried if the whole ordeal had put her dog in depression. But, in true Thanksgiving fashion, Turkey greeted them with full-body slams, slobbering kisses, and a widely excited tail. At least Jennifer’s doubts were alleviated!

Images and Video: News3