Good life standards are a basis for good behavior. But what are these standards exactly?

It’s simple! There is an internationally recognized concept of pet welfare: the 5 freedoms, violations of which lead to health, emotional and behavior problems. ⬇️

✔️Freedom from hunger and thirst.
Dogs must be fed, that’s a given. Adult dogs – at least twice a day, puppies – more often, depending on their age.
Food must suit your dog and be the right amount.
Clean, fresh water must be available at all times.

✔️Freedom from discomfort
Your dog must have his/her own place, where it’s possible to relax without being bothered. We made a post about creating a place for your dog – give it a read.😊
The gear you use must be well-fitted and comfortable too.

✔️Freedom from pain, injury, or disease
If your dog gets sick, it of course doesn’t make you a bad dog parent. But a good dog parent will notice the decline in the dog’s condition and will provide their pet with all the necessary treatment in a timely manner.
Don’t forget about preventive measures: vaccinations, deworming, etc.

✔️Freedom to express normal behavior
Dogs are dogs, and they should be allowed to behave like dogs.🐶
It’s normal for them to explore new places, smells, communicate with other dogs.
Barking is normal too, when a doorbell rings, for instance. You can teach your pup to remain calm, but it’s optional and not a minimum training requirement (we have a good video lesson about it on our app).
Walk your dog at least 2 hours a day: give your pet freedom to be a dog.

✔️Freedom from fear and distress
There should be no excessive boredom or stress. Overlook a balance between predictability and diversity. Too much of either might result in behavior problems.
Train your furry companion, make sure the sessions are fun and the methods you are using are humane.
Play with your dog and get him/her toys (or make them yourself 😊).

The 5 freedoms are nothing out of the ordinary, they are the absolute minimum standards that everyone must provide their pets with. They will guarantee your dog’s happiness 🔆