A dog of The King Amenhotep II and his belongings are in the Egyptian museum. Ancient Egypt is famous for its association with cats. But surprisingly, dogs were equally popular there. Ancient Egyptians appreciated and honored them. The Egyptologist Margaret Bunson stated that dogs were “domesticated in Egypt in the Pre-Dynastic eras.”She also stated that dogs served humans as hunters and friends. In an early tomb painting goes back to 3500 B.C. shows a man walking with his dog leashed, a photo that is not strange for anyone in the modern time.

dogs in ancient Egypt
Man walking a dog in ancient Egypt

A mummified dog from Cemetery No. 50 from the Valley of the Kings tombs, which belongs to the family 18. It contained two animal mummies that are likely to belong to Amenhotep the Second as they are near to his cemetery that has the No. 35 in the Valley of the Kings, west of Thebes, it was proved that it’s dog of The King Amenhotep II.

It is in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo.



Also, they found some of the dog’s belongings. They were fragrance bottle, food bowl and a water bowl that has some inscriptions and nile fish drawings."<yoastmark

These belongings goes back to the 18th Family, 1800 B.C.

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