The internet loves this very good dog for keeping his cat friend from getting into a brawl

This lovely video shows us that friends have your back even if they are of the animal variety. We have all had moments when our friend has taken us away from an argument or a situation that could easily escalate into a brawl. But we did not know that these bonds of friendship happen in the animal world too! Who would think that the cat’s well-known enemy the dog would be the one that would rescue it from danger?

catThe cute video shows a cat approaching another cat slowly ready to pounce! But just as the cat gets near and readies itself to attack, a golden retriever walks up and grabs the cat lead in its mouth and leads the cat away from the situation. The other cute thing about this cool video is that the dog takes the cat back to where it was sitting where there is another golden retriever lying down. So before this incident occurred the two dogs, and the cat were just sitting there chilling outside their house watching the world go by.

It reminded me of a time when you would sit out on the front porch with your pals watching what was going on in the neighborhood. Let’s be honest we all have had that one friend who would suddenly get up and get themselves caught up in a situation that you knew would not be good for them. So you would have to go and drag them away from danger.

This is what you see in this cute cat video! A friend helping out another friend by removing them from danger. Although I Am sure the cat thought it could of took on the other cat and easily beat him. The dog knew otherwise and rescued it before it got hurt. That is what mans best friend does!

good boy doesn't let a fight break out

good boy doesn't let a fight break out

Posted by Dogs on Thursday, October 4, 2018