The “Sit” command is one of the most important commands in a dog’s life. That’s why it is crucial to teach your dog to sit. But how to do it?

Follow these 7 steps:

1️⃣ Show your dog a treat, let him/her smell it and start moving your hand up and a bit back (between the dog’s ears). Your pet will look up and sit.

2️⃣ As soon as your dog sits, mark the correct behavior and give him/her a treat.

3️⃣ Make sure you praise your pup while all 4 of his/her paws are still pressed to the floor. If you don’t do it on time, your pet might start reaching out to get the treat with his paws.

4️⃣ The verbal “Sit” command should be introduced only when your dog already clearly understands what he/she needs to do when you move your hand up and back and sits right away.

5️⃣ Say “Sit”, use the luring technique and then praise the dog.

6️⃣ Eventually, luring is replaced with a gesture, and the treat is only given to the dog after he/she follows the “Sit” command.

7️⃣ Transition to variable reinforcement.

❓What if your dog doesn’t want to follow the command?

Some dogs, especially decorative breeds, don’t want to sit and start walking backwards instead. In this case, you should start petting your dog from the crest to the tail, to introduce the tactile sensation. Then put a hand behind your dog. Don’t push on the croup, just limit the movement, so that your pet can’t step backwards.