Gremlin the Pit Bull was a bit down and out after her sight started failing. The senior dog detested her dark world and spent most of the time alone, miserable and rarely interacting with her family. A surgery to operate on her cataract had gone wrong and left her blind in one eye and with extremely poor vision in the other. She was almost blind.  Desperate times require desperate measures and the parents decided that they had to do something radical for the blind Pit Bull.

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Gremlin had even stopped interacting with her furry siblings. The senior dog had difficulty getting around and would knock into objects. This made her depressed. Her gait was slow and unsure. The slightest noise would alarm the blind Pit Bull. She kept to herself, sitting quietly in a corner.

Her owners were troubled at the plight of their darling and decided to do something about it. They wouldn’t let their fun-loving dog fade away that easily. They consulted a vet who specialized in lens transplants. But they did not want another surgery. The first failed surgery still troubled them.

They finally decided to try out contact lenses for their blind Pit Bull. Though a tad unconventional, they didn’t want to take a big risk with her eyes. And the gamble paid off.

The venerable Pit Bull got to see the world again. It was apparent that getting her vision restored would give back her old life; at least to some degree. The spring is back in her steps; there is even a bit of swagger in it!

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Gremlin has been a bundle of joy all her life. Her owners have ensured that she lives out her last days in dignity. It is the least we can do for these darlings who give us nothing but joy and love and demand little in return.

Credit: Youtube / Julie LeRoy