Dogs need to communicate and the bark is their sole language. But if you are the type who likes your dogs to be silent and peaceful or love to meditate, here are the quietest dogs who can be great companions. But make no mistake – most are silent by choice and are not lacking in other departments.

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Some of them also are among the most intelligent dogs as well:


quietest dogs whippet

An athletic and sleek breed that can run at around 35 miles per hour, the whippet is sometimes referred to as the ‘poor man’s greyhound’. They can chase down almost anything but is also a bit lazy. They are medium-sized and have well-streamlined bodies, making them quite agile.

2. Collie

quietest dogs collie

They are one of the most adaptable and affectionate dogs around. Devoted to the family they can be easily trained too. They are very energetic on the outside, but are among the quietest dogs once inside the house.

3. Saluki

quietest dogs saluki

A quiet and reserved dog, the Saluki prefers to keep quiet and protect their noble image. Lack of socialization tends to make them reserved. These dogs also need a lot of exercise. With a speed of about 43 mph, if you chase them, you may not get to them easily.

4. Borzoi

quietest dogs borzoi

They are among the fastest dogs but also the quietest. This elegant sighthound was used as a hunting and coursing dog for hunting fox, wolf, and rabbits. They will never bark unless absolutely necessary.

5. Basenji

quietest dogs Basenji

If you cannot tolerate barking but would love to own a dog, the Basenji is the ultimate breed. The Basenji doesn’t bark at all. They only emit a range of whining and yodeling sounds. This “bark-less” wonder, however, is known for its stubbornness. So, research before adopting.

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Living with noisy pets can be truly difficult for an apartment dweller. While no dogs are truly silent, these breeds are among the quietest dogs and refrain from needlessly exercising their vocals chords. However, with the right training, you can make many other dogs bark less as well.