If the idea of a gentle giant appeals to you, how about keeping one at home? This giant will stay curled by your side as long as you are in the house but will protect you with all its formidable strength if there is a suspicious attacker nearby. You might even wish for a formidable protector or just one big dog to give you one big loving hug. Apart from their strength, these breeds are all very loyal, loving and intelligent.

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But since you may have made up your mind to select from the strongest dog breeds, here are a few options.

1. Mastiff

strongest dog breeds

The very name personifies a heavy-boned and colossal giant. Weighing close to a formidable 200 pounds, this benevolent behemoth is extremely devoted and possessive. While they can live happily in any apartment, they require regular exercise. A brisk walk of half a mile every day is enough for them. They are a fine companion for anyone who can accommodate their massive size or don’t mind them drooling all over the place.

2. Saint Bernard

strongest dog breeds

If one word describes it, it is enormous. These dogs are instantly recognizable for their imposing and massive presence. But for all their strength, they are rarely ferocious. Training is required to restrain them from knocking over objects or making food disappear from the table.

3. Rottweiler

strongest dog breeds

This is one dog that is as formidable as they are powerful. It requires a considerable amount of commitment and responsibility. They have a strong leadership tendency so it is necessary for you to assume the role of the pack leader. Or the Rottweiler will take that role.

4. Siberian Husky

strongest dog breeds

These dogs were bred to be consistently strong and tough. They are free-spirited, strong and energetic and have unbelievable endurance. These Huskies are happiest when they have work to do and they are athletic and agile. They are great diggers.

5. German Shepherd

strongest dog breeds

They have a fearsome reputation as police or military dogs but are quite gentle around children. They use their strength exceedingly well and are fearless, aggressive, and protective. Pound for pound, they are perhaps the strongest dog breed. But their excellent temperament makes them a loving pet.

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Before getting one from among the strongest dog breeds, first, ask yourself whether you will be able to do justice to their unique demands. You might have to change your lifestyle as large dogs require a considerable amount of exercise just to stay fit and expend their considerable volume of energy.