This revolutionary wedding brought a change in not just the perspective of people but in the lives of many rescue puppies. It was the planning of Samantha Clark.

After the Hurricane Harvey destroyed many homes of Texas, the suffering hit the animals hard as well. There were many puppies displaced too – without a home. These puppies were later rescued by AHeinz57 Pet rescue and transport in Iowa.

Rescue puppies

Samantha Clark used her marriage day to be more than a celebratory event for her. She tried to do something for the puppies too. She asked the bridesmaids for help. The bridesmaids took the opportunity of marriage to help the rescue puppies by distributing the puppies at the alter and ditched flowers.

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Rescue puppies at wedding

Samantha Clark took six of the rescue puppies out of the total 100 rescued from the Hurricane Harvey. These animals were cute and looking for a loving home. She and her bridesmaid started walking down the aisle with these puppies, ditching the traditional custom of using flowers.

Rescue puppies

The idea dawned on Samantha when she decided to include three of her dogs at her wedding. The Hurricane Harvey and the abandoned rescue puppies was a tragedy – she wanted to help somehow. So, she thought of changing the whole theme of her wedding. She took her wedding as an event to ask for homes to the six rescue puppies.

Rescue puppies


The bridesmaids were more than happy to have ditched flowers and carried the cute little rescue puppies down the aisle. The guests were similarly in awe to witness the remarkable change, as the rescue puppies started at them from the bridesmaids’ shoulders.

Rescue puppies

There was also a booth of the AHeinz57 Pet rescue. It had all the detailed forms present for those who wanted to adopt the rescue puppies. The venue also had the details of the adoptable dogs that they had at their shelter.

Rescue puppies booth

There were many applicants for the adoption of rescue puppies at this booth. There were even adoption requests to adopt the puppies at this wedding!

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The wedding was a remarkable event wherein Samantha wanted to draw positive attention to the rescue puppies and why the adoption of these puppies was essential.

And all the six puppies along with some dogs at the pet shelter found their loving homes.

Image Credit: Samantha Clark