The overturned rosebush and the torn sofa in many households will testify to the value of exercise for all dogs. This is especially true for a handful of breeds that require an extra bout of exercise to keep them happy and satiated. You have to keep your running boots on you if you are going to keep these dogs around.

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Here are the 10 most energetic dog breeds:

The Australian Cattle Dogs

energetic dogs The Australian Cattle Dogs

They were born and bred for the harsh Outback. Their boundless energy can be spent in endless sessions of exhausting games like playing fetch. For this energetic dog, it is as much fun as chasing cattle.

Labrador Retrievers

energetic dogs Labrador Retrievers

They are the archetypal family pet and a model for other breeds. But they also need a heavy workload to keep them happy. That means long walks, swimming, and playing fetch. Just be sure to tire them.


energetic dogs Weimaraners

Their velvety look can be deceptive as these dogs were born to run. Ignore them and they will always find a way to amuse themselves. These spirited and energetic dogs are eager learners.

Australian Shepherds

energetic dogs Australian Shepherds

They are adored for their good looks, but this herding breed hides much energy beneath its long coat. They are excellent for trick training, are sprightly and have an intelligent mind behind the good looks.

Border Collies

energetic dogs Border Collies

They were born to herd cattle but they can adapt quickly to other tasks. Their nimbleness makes them ideal for search and rescue. Give them a job before they go looking for one.


energetic dogs Dalmatians

This famous breed is built more for endurance than speed and needs their daily work out. They could run beside coaches without tiring enough!

Siberian Husky

energetic dogs Siberian Husky

The Siberian huskies were trained to travel vast distances in extremely harsh conditions. This breed needs plenty of exercise as they have a habit of digging to expend their energy. So, if you do not need a tunnel in your yard, be sure to take him on his daily rounds.

German Shepherds

energetic dogs German Shepherds

This popular breed is ideal as a family pet but also has the strength, stamina and intelligence ideal for military and police duties. They need a high amount of exercise but are easy to train.

Boston Terrier

energetic dogs Boston Terrier

Their small size can be deceptive. They are highly energetic and are used to running. They love long walks but prefer obstacle courses which help them to stretch their limbs.


energetic dogs Boxers

This breed is ideal for guarding and staying alert for long stretches and that makes them quite active. These boisterous and energetic dogs love going for long walks. These big but cute dogs also love play sessions.

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So, if you lack exercise in your life, then get one of these energetic dogs. They will force you to get up and start running!

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