Common sense holds that cats and dogs simply don’t get along. However, a viral video of a Beagle folding a protective paw over his best cat companion has driven people to question the idea that different species must “fight like cats and dogs.”

“Bo loves his cat friend so much,” said Lisa Plummer, the 5-month-old Beagle’s owner who caught this charming minute on film. The video has since shared a large number of engagements on Facebook and Reddit.


In the video, Bo bounces up to be close to Jasper, a 10-month-old cat roosted on the lounge chair and gazing out the window. The well disposed Beagle at that point encloses his hairy closest companion by a warm little dog embrace. The offhand presentation of friendship drives the cat, Jasper, to begin swaying his tail.

“They truly make me insane with their steady chaos,” Plummer wrote on Facebook. “This sweet minute made my day and made me need to reclaim all the terrible things I’ve said about them,” she snickered. You can watch the whole video below.

beagle and his cat best friend

However, a large number of clients got enchanted with Jasper and Bo’s fellowship on Facebook or Reddit, where the video immediately became a web sensation. “This is the reason I LOVE creatures!!” one client composed on Plummer’s Facebook page. “So charming! I am so happy you got this!” someone else concurred. “I have watched it multiple times today.”

A few people wished their cats and dogs played so well together. Others felt propelled to get their very own pet! “I can’t accept this is genuine,” one client composed. “My doggo adores his little cat sisters and they certainly snuggle/lay together, however he is 10x their size.”

Also, we’re motivated by Bo and Jasper’s remarkable siblingship, which you can see with your own eyes in the video! Ideally, their one of a kind bond will move others to invite protected cats and dogs into their homes.

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