Unfortunately, the world is having a chain of depressing events nowadays. We can’t help but hope for things to get better. Animals with their selfless acts are the bright side of how the world is going, after all the devastation there is some heartwarming news comes from them in certain incidents. See what this brave dog did!

One day, a massive explosion occurred and it caused a huge fire around a building. The flames and the smoke covered the sky above the building. People panicked and started running away from their houses with their valuable things and their pets.

When that man unleashed his dog to reduce the harm could happen to him, as he can run away outside the house with him. Unexpectedly, the brave dog returned back into the burning house to rescue his kitten friend. His owner stood there surprised and helpless.

He was hoping to see his dog alive after that huge fire. Suddenly, the brave dog came out of the house, carrying his little kitten best friend in his mouth.

brave dog rescuing kitten
brave dog rescuing kitten

When the fire broke, the dog first thought was to save his best friend, they spent time together, played together and were always in each other’s company. The owner was amazed by how courage his pet is!

The kitten was so small, it would’ve never made it alone. But it was rescued thanks to the brave dog, the loyal best friend. Humans wouldn’t do what this brave dog made, as people in such circumstances tend to panic and lose control which make them lose the ability to think.

Animals are kind and brave by nature, they give us a reason everyday to love them and give them more attention than we do.

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Paralyzed dog with broken heart visible in his eyes