We love our pets and would like to do anything to keep them busy and happy. One of the things that most pets love is toys. Just like humans, toys can make pets go crazy. Even if you give an adult dog a toy, they can act like little puppies. Age cannot define the affinity of people towards toys.

But then, even toys can be toxic. It can bring the death of your pet too.

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That’s what happened with the lovely and healthy dog of Indria Tuckler. Indria Tuckler bought rope toys for her dog and she was delighted to see her dog play with it. Her choice was to go for durable rope toys – she knew they would last long and may not harm her dog. Her 14-month-old Golden Retriever, Sam, danced around with the rope in her mouth.

healthy dog

But the fun was not going to last for long. At one time, Indria saw that rope shreds were left all around. Indria collected the shreds and put them in the trash can. But it was already too late. Two days later, her healthy dog suddenly fell ill. She took her to the vet. It was clear that she had swallowed the rope shreds.

The vet performed surgery but they found out that the rope had curved into a ball and tore through the healthy dog’s intestine. It tangled all over the intestine. About 3-inches of rope had to be removed and 14 inches of perforated intestine was taken out. It soon became septic and her health became critical. The healthy dog passed away within 2 days.

healthy dog

Tuckler shared the heartwrenching story and mentions how linear objects should not be given as toys to dogs. Ropes are quite dangerous for both dogs and cats. It is unfortunate that this simple toy is on sale in many places – Homegoods, Petco, Petsmart, etc. A rope is difficult to spot through X-Ray and hence, surgery is a better option.

healthy dog
healthy dog

According to Tuckler, such things should not be sold as pet toys. This death could have been easily avoided if there was enough awareness. Also, you should be aware of the symptoms of such a disease: diarrhea, excessive consumption of water, vomiting and lack of appetite are some of the signs.

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Hence, she wishes her Facebook post to get maximum shares so that owners with a healthy dog do not make this grave mistake that could lead to their pet’s untimely demise.

Image Credits: Facebook/Vizsla Dog Lovers