Dogs are good at stealing things, they usually steal food, toys, clothes or anything they find interesting. But this time, this dog stole father’s dentures!

Maggie with dentures
Maggie with dentures
Eunice tweeted photos of her dog Maggie when she stole father’s dentures.

She also tried to hide them, but it was a difficult task for her. Eunice said that her father took out his dentures and fell a sleep. While Maggie found it a chance to take them and put them in her mouth!

Eunice added that when her father woke up searching for his dentures, he found Maggie under the table with her brand new white smile!

Her dad sent Maggie’s pictures to Eunice and she answered: “I was in tears laughing and showing all of my coworkers.”

Eunice’s tweet of Maggie has been retweeted more than 20,000 times and liked by more than 50,000!