This elephant clambered over a five-foot wall in a bid to swipe mangoes from his safari lodge.

In South Luangwa Park in Zambia, the guests of Mfuwe logde left for a safari on Saturday and this adult male elephant paid an unexpected visit.

General manager Ian Salisbury, 68, spotted the bull elephant calculating how to haul its four giant legs over the stone wall without falling over.

elephant clambers for mangos
elephant clambers for mangos

Ian Salisbury, the one w spotted him trying to climb with his huge legs over the wall without falling. However, captured some hilarious pictures doing the same as humans.

Video Source: Positively Present

“He was a stranger to us. He wanted to investigate. He wanted to get into the central area where this big mango tree grows,” Ian said.

“He was obviously quite hungry and expected to get some wild mangoes for himself, though there aren’t any left now. That’s all done with for the year,” he added.

elephant clambers for mangos
Ian and the elephant

“It was impressive he could coordinate his four legs to get over the wall because the elephant was quite a major bull, maybe around 30, so middle-aged.”

Ian said: “Elephants tend to wander around quite big distances and depending on the availability of food, they’ll turn up in certain areas.”

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elephant clambers for mangos
elephant clambers for mangos

Ian continued: “It has been quite dry then over the last week or. So, we had huge amounts of rain that almost caused a flood. Whether that encouraged him to have a look around, I’m not sure.”