While many of us like to read positive news about dogs, we just can’t escape one cruel reality- not every dog owner is kind. There are several heartless dog owners in the world too and their stories are really depressing. Michelle Sieber, a 26-year-old Florida woman, was found out to be such a heartless owner. In a Facebook video, Michelle was seen pulling her dog towards her RV. She would often even kick the dog and heave him upwards, making him stand on his hind legs and choke. He was not being able to breathe.

** Update 22Sep19 your voices of concern have been heard world wide. News media from around the world are covering this story all because of everyone’s support against animal abuse. I really hope everyone can focus on the positive that is coming from this video and not the negative. Violence and threats are completely against the message I am hoping to spread. Michelle A. Sieber to my knowledge has not been bailed out with her bail set to $5,000. She is facing Felony charges. The dogs are SAFE and being held until the investigation is over. ** Thank you for all the support! For those who would have choose the violent route I understand your frustration. However documenting is key to a habitual offender. The link below confirms her booking into the Pinellas county jail. https://iontb.com/woman-arrested-after-video-released-of-her-abusing-a-dog-in-tarpon-springs/Great job everyone!*** Update she has been found and the dogs are safe. Great job TSPD!! Thanks everyone for your help.******** Update this was reported to local authorities by me early this morning. They have identified the woman in this video earlier on. Tarpon Springs Police Department was extremely supportive and started an investigation. Please don’t incriminate yourselves with violence. That is a short term reaction to what seems to be a long term problem. With this video hopefully we can put a stop to it. To my knowledge they have not located her or the vehicle yet but I will keep everyone posted. Thank you.*******Tarpon friends please share if you see the van let me know where or call Tarpon Springs Police Department****Who do I call to report animal abuse?

Posted by Vincent Minutello on Friday, September 20, 2019

Thankfully, Vincent Minuttello was around when such an incident was taking place. Once he saw the animal abuse, he started recording the scene. He walked up to Sieber and confronted her. He told her that she was not supposed to treat the dog in that manner.

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Sieber did not show any sign of guilt. At first, she asked whether he was talking about her act of pulling the dog by his collar. Then, she just smirked and told Vincent to take the dog if he wanted him so badly. Vincent kindly responded and gave her the suggestion to put the dog up for adoption. The woman just went away.

Vincent was not someone to stand and watch all these cruelty unfolding. He wanted to bring justice to the dog. So, he published the video on Facebook and it was shared all over the internet. Pinellas County Jail booked the dog owner on that day for felony charges of animal cruelty and animal abuse. She is held on a $5000 bond.

Vincent was grateful that all the animal lovers stood beside him and confronted the animal abuser. They reported the woman and soon, she was found guilty of this animal abuse and justly punished. Later on, he wrote a ‘Thank You‘ message on Facebook.

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Well, at least, by the woman’s arrest other animal abusers would lay back on their animal abuse. It’s all right to put your animal for adoption. No one is forcing you to keep them. But if you keep a pet, you should learn how to treat them right!