If there is someone who loves you more than you love yourself, you can be sure it is your dog. Dogs bond for a lifetime but here is one instance of a dog who remembers her companion both in life and beyond. This dog keeps half of her food for her dead playmate, something her dead companion had taught her as a pup.

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Easton Dufur’s two Yellow Labradors were his friends and his life. They both loved the actor and filmmaker and were devoted to him. The two dogs also shared a special relationship with each other.

dog leaves half her food

Stitch and Cookie were both inseparable. There was an endearing understanding between them and they even ate from the same bowl. Quite early, Stitch had taught Cookie to share from the same plate. Cookie would eat first, leaving half the food for Stitch. This was something that went against the instinctive behavior of animals.

But tragedy struck when Stitch passed away. Cookie became alone for the first time. You would presume that after years of having a dog, Dufur would know them inside out. But he is in for a poignant surprise. He notices something that broke his heart. He had been serving less food on the plate as Cookie was alone. Easton noticed that Cookie was eating just half the food and refused to have the whole plate.  Maybe Cookie still remembers what Stitch had taught her. This lovable dog keeps half of her food on the plate.

dog leaves half her food

Maybe she was hopeful that Stitch would return someday or perhaps as a fond tribute to her friend. Whatever be the reason, the incident is distressing but also heart-warming.

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We believe that dogs cannot grieve for long. But Cookie isn’t going to give up on his friend that easily. In her innocent affection for Stitch, this dog keeps half of her food hoping perhaps that he would return. Dogs are loyal and this is just another instance that reinforces the belief.  But it also shows that they remember their friends long after they have lost them.

Source: Twitter