Pavlovic and two of his friends headed over to rescue the puppy , but once they arrived  there they didn’t believe that there was much that could be done without rescue tools.

Pavlovic and his friends  began calling many Dog rescue facilities , but only one Samaritan, called Sasa Pesic, who works at a dog shelter in Nis, Serbia, was willing to come to their aide.

Pesic climbed down from the highway overpass and waded across the river to the island where the dog was sitting.

This man climbs down a bridge to rescue a puppy! đŸ˜± ❀

This man climbs down a bridge to rescue a puppy! đŸ˜± ❀

Posted by Daily Mail on Monday, September 24, 2018

I love stories like this, Kindness is a gift from the heart, something that most people have forgotten.It’s so great ,,,I witnessed how his heart wanted to rescued animals,. but he didn’t mind how his life put to be rescued by others men,,his passion and determination with courage push to do the right things, ..A True hero from within ,,thanks also to those men pulling him up.,You all guys are amazing,touches one’s heart not only mine but others,too
This is a great rescue .Great to see that some people will help an animal even if it takes a lot of effort and team work. because some people would of said, this is too hard Thank you to all who did.