Cutting nails? Just another mundane task for us. But for this cute Pit Bull, it was something she was not willing to go through. And guess what she does? The Pit Bull dramatically pretends to faint just to avoid the nail-cutting session with her hooman!

In a recent video, which rightfully went viral, this dramatic Pit Bull showcases her Broadway talents. When the owner first approaches her for the paw, she clearly understands but refuses to oblige. The owner has to now take her paw and the clippers approach the Pit Bull.

dramatic pit bull

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She takes a dramatic pause before going for the roll. The pup slowly lies down and rolls on her back. She can be seen looking at the camera upside down. Her eyes are fixed at the camera directly too.


Just as the trimmers are about to cut, we get a glimpse of the pup’s performance. The Pit Bull dramatically pretends to faint, lying on her back! But notice how she not suffering from any pain or even yelping a bit. This further tells us of her dramatic skills which are of great standard too!

dramatic pitbulldramatic dog

Unlike most girls, clearly, this Pitt was not into her “paw-dicure”. Trimming nails is not the worst thing to go through, even for dogs. But this Pittie clearly has her own ideas.

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Anyone can understand the whole fainting actually has nothing to do with the nail-cutting.

Pit Bull dramatically pretends to faint

Even after the Pit Bull dramatically pretends to faint and lies on the floor, her eyes are still open. Guess she did not want to miss the camera and was hoping for a nice shot!

You can watch the viral video below. Witness the Oscar-worthy dramatic performance of this cute little Pitt Bull and maybe learn a thing or two about theatrics!

All images and video credit: Reddit/u/_NITRISS_