There are times when we might come across an injured or sick puppy while we are walking or driving down the road. If we are not going for some important event, we might try to help the little guy. But the problem is many of us do not have enough resources to help them out. You can say the puppy that met Jenny was a bit lucky that way.

sick puppy picked up

Jenny and her husband, Jim, run a chimpanzee sanctuary. They save chimps from the cruel exotic pet trade and protect them in their natural habitat too. As usual, their sanctuary has all the necessities for animal care, designed specifically for chimpanzees. But then, when Jenny Desmond was going down the roads of a remote village in Liberia, she came across a tragic scene. On one side of that road lay a helpless, sick puppy, dying. The pup was in need of immediate help and Jenny wasted no time!

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sick puppy rescue

Jenny did not think twice. She knew where the sick puppy had to be taken. To the chimpanzee sanctuary. It might seem absurd but since an animal was in need, Jenny could not help herself. In general, she was like that, as per the people who work with her. She is willing to help anyone from grasshoppers to chickens!

sick puppy cone

Jim, Jenny’s husband, is a veterinarian. He treated the sick puppy and saved it. The little puppy has been named Snafu. After her treatment, Snafu had to put on a cone so that she did not prick her own wounds and let them heal.

sick puppy sad

Well, Snafu did not have any problem to blend in. The chimps love her and she made a lot of friends there. They all snuggled together.

sick puppy cuddles

After a few months, Snafu healed and became a healthy little pup. Well, once her healthy self came back, this adorable little dog was all set to be adopted by willing people. It was time to bid farewell. Snafu was adopted by a kind family in the United States. She finally got her loving place in a furrever home.

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sick puppy food


Despite all the troubles Snafu went through – she finally found a place of love and care. And she deserves every bit of it.

Image Credit: YouTube/Donny Moss