Children can learn the differences between cats and dogs at an early age. They gain proficiency with the sounds they make and the manner in which they move their tails. They find out about how dogs appreciate playing bring, while cats incline toward chasing mice. But what if they saw a strange dog that looks like a cat, bear or fox!

Strange Dog

Odds are, they haven’t found out about this strange dog.

However, a post in the r/aww subreddit shows a few pictures of a Vietnamese strange dog that looks like a cat. The photographs have inspired a few hundred theories from Redditors. Some placed the pet was a kind of cat, a fox, or maybe a child bear. Many were persuaded it might be a smidgen of both.

Strange Dog

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“Do you want a cat or a dog? YES,” wrote u/Silv3rtongue

“I believe you adopted your strange dog from a cartoon,” wrote u/HunterWald.

Strange Dog

“I don’t care if it’s cat or dog,” wrote u/ryliky. “It’s a cuddly good boi and I want it.”

Redditor SchnoodleDoodleDo even wrote a short song about the animal:

a cat or dog, that’s what i am
i’ll be the purrfect pet!
a drunken mini fox bear fam –
you don’t know What you’ll get…
i’m soft n grey, n kinda short,
a gentle lap-size, me
i like to derp around for sport –
your new BEST FRIEND i’ll be!
dogs – they Always need a friend,
cats act like they don’t care
either way, i can’t pretend –
i’ll just be glad
you’re there!

Strange Dog

“This doggo is of H’mong dog breed (H’ mong is an ethnic minority bunch in Vietnam),” u/quinn1203 composed. “The first photos of this strange dog are posted on Đảo Mèo (feline island) – a Vietnamese FB page for dog and feline darlings. He is mainstream on Vietnam FB pages now.”

As indicated by Bored Panda, the dog’s owners, Hai Anh and Tuan, live in Vietnam.

Strange Dog

The couple revealed to BP that the dog was really a blend of an antiquated breed (likely Hmong) and Indochina dingo, however, its cat-like appearance may have more to do with a hereditary change.