A kind man from Tennessee rode all the way to South Carolina to save over 64 animals. Tony Alsup wanted to save the shelter animals who couldn’t be placed before hurricanes Florence and Harvey stuck. The Washington Post reported that he rescued 53 dogs along with 11 cats when Florence made landfall.

shelter animals inside the bus

Reports of overcrowded shelters during the hurricane moved Alsup very much. He wanted to save the shelter animals from the hurricanes any way he could. So he bought a school bus with his own money. And started delivering these “leftover” animals to safer places.
The Saint Frances Animal Center acknowledged Alsup’s help on their Facebook page. They mention how Alsup reached at 4a.m. to save the shelter animals.

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His efforts continued throughout multiple hurricanes. Be it Florence, Harvey, Irma, or Maria, this hero was there for the animals always.

These animals don’t get adopted easily because of their old age or diseases. But Alsup believes they all deserve a second chance and hence he swoops in to rescue them.

This animal lover was traveling a long distance to South Carolina to save the shelter animals. So he asked people on his Facebook to tell him the locations of the overcrowded shelters and they helped all they could.

sheltered animals en route

The rescued shelter animals from Hurricane Florence were taken to Alabama in Alsup’s friend’s shelter. There Angela Eib-Maddux cared for them till they were adopted. Thankfully, they were all adopted on the same day. While some were adopted in the Alabama region, Alsup drove the remaining 40 shelter animals to Knoxville. Volunteers and shelters would care for them until adoption. After some rest, he again set out for Wilmington, N.C. for the animals waiting there!

save the shelter animals

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His only driving force was the need to save the shelter animals from the hurricanes and give them a warm place to live. Others should also get inspired by his story and extend their helping hands.

All images: Tony Alsup