All dogs are kindhearted and good with kids. They just need to be trained on how to deal with them. Also, kids, have to know how to treat their lovely puppies. So, there are some dogs that are easier when it comes to dealing with kids.

It’s way better to get one of these top 10 best dogs for your kids!

Cavalier King Charles SpanielTop 10 Best Dogs For Kids To Adopt

Merge the small size of a toy breed with the energy of a sporting one and you get these lovable and cheerful friends. Cavaliers adapt with pretty much everyone they go over, including kids and different dogs. (Their soft fur and heartwarming face can be a bonus.)

Bernese Mountain

Top 10 Best Dogs For Kids To Adopt

If you think of a bigger doggo, the cute but giant Bernese Mountain is such a great choice for you. You kids will love it so much. However, they can weigh up to 100 pounds! But under this massive fur, there is a kindhearted and gentle pup. And he’s naturally soft with children.

Alaskan Malamute

Top 10 Best Dogs For Kids To Adopt

Alaskan Malamutes loves to live with a family, a human or a dog one. These dogs are very active and great for energetic activities. However, they need a strict and consistent training system. In the end, you’ll be having the most awesome, loyal, and friendly dog ever.

Boston Terrier


Boston Terriers are low maintenance dogs. They have light fur that demands zero effort. They also adapt to kids easily.

Labrador Retriever


They’ve stayed the most famous dog breed for many years for a reason. Labradors love people, children, other animals, and generally everyone. Their gentle behavior makes them instant best friends with anyone they meet. However, don’t despise their high levels of energy. This huge dog needs strict training and serious exercise every day. And they can reach a weight of 80 pounds.

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Golden Retriever


Another everyone’s best doggo, Golden Retrievers are considered a great family dog. They learn quickly. Also, they need lots of physical activity: running, swimming, fetching, and a lot of playing. In return, they’ll give you cheerful friendship with a lot of tomfooleries thrown in for good measure.



For those who enjoy more of a lazy lifestyle, a loyal bulldog might prove a better fit. Besides normal walks, these honorable dogs cherish a good nap. Though their wrinkled faces might win you over, take care if you stay in hot weather: The short snouts make them prone to overheating.



Pugs love eating and sleeping, just like us! If you want a couch companion to cuddle with you while watching movies, this breed is the best for you. This breed also appreciates the playtime with children.



Gentle, cute, kind, friendly and adorable dog? BEAGLE is the answer! They truly love the existence of you and your kids. They also love to hide and seek. And they can also be good when it comes to chasing an attractive scent.

Irish Setter

Top 10 Best Dogs For Kids To Adopt

Irish Setters are very attractive and head-turning breed. Walking with them on the streets will stop people to look at him. They are also a family-friendly as he loves playing with children. You have to buy some tennis balls, by the way. This active dog is very sporty as he will motivate all the family members to move!