What this sweet puppy went through is too horrible to even describe in words. While humanity sinks low each day, it’s these poor and helpless animals who suffer.
The tortured puppy abandoned at a shelter was named as Buddy by the caretakers of the shelter. He did not have the ability to walk, thanks to the broken hind legs, and his eyes were bloodshot red. While the true reason of the injuries remains unknown, he must have been severely beaten up and thrown around to sustain such injuries.

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The shelter decided to contact Rescue Dogs Rock NYC to help Buddy. The caretakers were heartbroken to see the sweet puppy in such desolate conditions.

tortured puppy abandoned at a shelter
tortured puppy abandoned at a shelter

The tortured puppy abandoned at a shelter was taken to the Dallas Speciality Hospital where he was examined by doctors. To everyone’s horror, X-ray reports of the puppy showed how his two hind legs were severely fractured. The tibias were broken into two!

the xray

Surgery was carried out to help the poor creature. The 5-hour long surgery was successful but Buddy was in for a long recovery period. 5 pins, 2 plates for the right leg, and an external fixator to be attached for 8 weeks post-surgery. That’s the price this tortured puppy, abandoned at a shelter, had to pay for one man’s cruelty.

Not only this, Buddy will carry on his life with those pins and plates inside him for the next three months. His movements have been greatly restricted and he will need even physical therapy to fully recover his strength. In the age of running around and chasing squirrels, this unfortunate puppy has been punished with a life of restrictions.

tortured puppy abandoned at a shelter

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But Buddy’s spirit is indomitable. He still wags his tail at humans and is always smiling. One helpful family will be fostering him till he recovers. The physiotherapy Buddy needs will be extremely costly. An angel of a donor will be matching every $1000.

We wish Buddy, this tortured puppy abandoned at shelter, quick recovery a long and love-filled life ahead!

All images: Facebook/Rescue Dogs Rock NYC