A kind man has earned praise after he climbed onto a roof to rescue a trapped dog on the sloping roof of a home in Rhode Island. The incident was recorded by a neighbor.

Daylue Goah saw a large dog trapped on his neighbor’s roof. The dog appeared restless as it paced around restlessly, apparently nervous at being trapped. Goah began recording the incident on his phone. He was apprehensive that the dog might try to jump before help arrived as reported by WJAR.

The owners were not at home when at the time of the incident. They arrived a few moments later. An unknown savior also came forward and it was he who climbed onto the roof to bring down the trapped dog as the owner helped from inside. He finally managed to rescue the dog by helping it through the skylight.

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The good soul along with the homeowner “made magic happen,” in the words of the neighbor, Goah. Surprisingly, even the owner didn’t know the name of the man who climbed onto the roof to save the pooch. Despite not knowing the owner, the good soul acted out of purely humanitarian concerns.

Kind stranger rescues dog from roof of Rhode Island home

A kind stranger came to the rescue of a poor pooch in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, recently when he helped the dog down from the roof it had somehow become stranded on.

Posted by KFDM News on Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Goah said that some people are there to help out even though they may be complete strangers.

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The owner of the house thinks that the trapped dog climbed onto the roof through a window at the top.

We find it intriguing that a total stranger came forward to help a trapped dog. But the Good Samaritan realized that if he did not stop to help the dog, no one would. Some souls are not born to look around for others to come forward. They are always the first ones on the scene and the first to reach out.

Image Credit: Daylue Goah