Meet Gia, a valuable little traumatized dog who was abused by a beast who should be her human parent. This heartless human attached little Gia to a tree and began beating her with a belt.

This awful and damaging event influenced little Gia, both physically and emotionally.

traumatized dog
At the point when she was saved, she continued heading off to any corner she could discover and shake unendingly. Sadly, the nearby safe house in texas that she was taken to had a lot of volunteers. Gia required more assistance than what this neighborhood shelter could offer.

At whatever point someone would come near her, the traumatized dog turns out to be increasingly terrified and shakes significantly more. Things deteriorated when somebody tried to contact her. She would pee herself and remain remaining in pee since she is too scared to even consider moving and remain in a dry region.

traumatized dog

Will Gia get the help she needs to get better from this horrible event?

Gladly, DallasDogRRR ( Dallas Dog Rescue Rehab Reform) moved to help Gia.

Gia is now getting better. Rather than simply shaking in dread when a human comes towards her, she rather flees and covers up underneath a bed where nobody can contact her.

An Evil Monster Ties Their Dog to a Tree, and Hits Her with A Belt Several Times! |

Just when people walk away, she thinks no one is watching her. So, she goes out and plays with the other pups.

traumatized dog

Unfortunately, she thinks that dogs would never cause her any harm. However, humans are just big cruel beasts.

Though she is still in trauma, DallasDogRRR got her an exceptional foster home. Her new mom has a great experience with traumatized dogs.

The new human mother will be with Gia and help her daily to move on her trauma. Also, to make Gia be more comfortable with people.

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Due to the trauma that Gia has been through, it will take her a long time before she begins to trust and feel safe around people again.


Gia is here. She’s not moved from the crate that was used to transport her, the poor love is so fearful although she’s not shaking, but she is just not prepared to move from this spot just yet.

Her ears pricked up at the sound of my little Boston, Austin, so I’m hoping that he can entice her out.

She’s only been here a few hours, after having her spay surgery, so I’m not expecting great things for a while. But we will be spending a lot of time together, and we will go at her pace and comfort level to interact.

An Evil Monster Ties Their Dog to a Tree, and Hits Her with A Belt Several Times! |

She is safe and warm and surrounded by people that only want the best for her. We will love and care for her, for as long as she needs us.

Happily, Gia is now surrounded by humans who really love and value her. She is going to get better from the horrible incident that she went through with her former owner.