We all knows that some dogs in this world who absolutely hate baths and there are some who absolutely LOVE baths so much. This two week old puppy that have been rescue in the past 2 weeks loves bath time and it’s so stinkin’ cute!

This little puppy and other puppies were found in a bag inside of a dumpster in Dallas, Texas. Since they had no family to take care of them around, the dog’s needed to be given a lot of TLC so a lady named Claire that rescue a lot of dogs before took them to her home and give them love  as much as she possibly could. Keeping the puppies clean is very important, so giving them baths was part of the rescue job, and as you can see, this puppy is in absolute heaven whenever it’s his turn for bath time!

PuppyThis puppy is so content with bath time and words truly can’t describe how cute it is! Watch the video below!

Rescued Puppy Enjoys Bath Time

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Posted by Dog Dynasty on Wednesday, August 8, 2018

That was so precious! You can tell the puppy is so relaxed and really loves bath time!