Living a dog’s life is tough enough at times. And then it gets truly terrible when they are discarded for being ‘ugly’. After all, for some owners, dogs are just animals for show – they don’t have feelings.

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Bjarni, whose face was disfigured, was brought to a shelter by an animal control officer. He was found wandering on the streets of Huntsville and the people at the shelter assumed that he was only a stray. But they soon realized that the pup had a home. When they contacted the family, they declined to take him back. The deformed dog was deemed too ‘ugly’ by the cruel family.

deformed dog

Bjarni has a misshapen upper jaw which made breathing and eating difficult. He was in pain. Troubled by his physical condition, the shelter contacted St. Francis Angels, an animal rights group based in Texas. They are dedicated to helping dogs with deformities. Anne Graber, the founder, willingly agreed to do all she could to help the deformed dog.

The deformed dog had injuries all over his body from his time on the streets. In spite of all the pain and trauma that he had endured, he still retained a sweet disposition and loved to be around people.

deformed dog

Graber was unwavering in her determination to help Bjarni recover. She got in touch with Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists for help. Her determination worked and they came forward and worked painstakingly to set right the dog’s deformity. Dr. Jason Balsara at the veterinary center set right the entire face of the deformed dog. Now, the dear dog finds it a lot easier to breathe and eat. His surgery went well and he is now on the road to recovery.

deformed dog

All that the deformed dog needs now is lots of rest and an affectionate family that will love him for his wonderful nature and won’t abandon him for a trivial deformity. It is heartbreaking to even think that a family can forsake a member for not conforming to their notions of beauty. Bjarni will surely get a new family who will be with him for the rest of his life.

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deformed dog recovery

deformed dog waiting for adoption

Bjarni is lucky that he has found the right people at the right time who did all he needed to restore a normal dog life. It is up to us to draw attention to such incidents and ensure that animals deserve all the love we can give to them.  Our love, however, can never be matched by the love they have for us.