Number of people abandon dogs all across America is increasing, especially in natural disasters. People just leave their pets in the streets, alone and scared.

Sometimes they locks them in cages or ever leash them outside. It will be illegal now leaving any pet in the street as people who will do that cruel act, will be strictly punished. So, new bill makes it illegal to abandon dogs in natural disasters.

Senate Bill 1738 is to stop people from leaving a dog outside in case of any disaster, man made or natural such as hurricanes, tropical storms or tornado warnings. And man made disasters include any situation that the government notify people about. This bill is for animals safety to prevent any act of abandon dogs or negligence.

Florida House Representative Joe Gruters is the one who introduced the bill that allows veterinarians to report suspected violations without notifying the owner in advance. However, it does not work all the time. It can only be used in cases where a warning has been issued by the National Weather Service or an evacuation order has been issued from local officials. But, the owners can say that they were not informed in advance, making the case invalid.

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Abandon dogs, year in prison.

Regarding the punishment of people abandon dogs by being suspected as ‘animal cruelty’ they would pay up to $5000 charge for animal cruelty which is punished by law for up to a year in prison. The file was introduced to the Agriculture Committee and took 5 votes and 0 oppositions.

After Hurricane Florence in North Carolina many dogs were abandoned. And the video below shows how a group of dogs were locked in a cage without anyone with them, their owner just ran away. However, if the rescuers did not come in time, the dogs would be dead! The bill should come into effect on the 1st of July if it’s hopefully passed into low.

A human should be thinking that when he’s in a need to escape from a disaster. His dog is the first thing to be with him.