Thinking about a dog requires a ton of work. You need to bolster your pet, tidy up after it, bathe it consistently, it’s a great deal like dealing with a human. So, clipping dog’s toenails is major.

Some pet parents go out to the groomers or vet to have their animals’ toenails clipped. While most dogs are skittish enough around the clippers, while including the newness of another condition, this methodology doesn’t always turn out well.

Clipping Dog's Toenails

Clipping dog’s toenails at home can be testing. You may feel like you’re clinging to those paws for dear life when your pet tries incessantly to yank them away. To exacerbate the situation, the risk of damage is a lot higher when an animal is freezing that way. It’s no big surprise numerous calls in the professionals.

Dog proprietor Kendal Peifer ran over the situation several times before she found a simple yet compelling solution, first brought about by her father. She reviewed he would hang the family’s Boston Terrier from a door jamb, cradles in an old purse.

Clipping Dog's Toenails

Suspended in mid-air, and no shortage of solace, Kendal’s father had little issue clipping dog’s toenails. The terrier may have really anticipated the experience inevitably. Shortly subsequent to posting the trick to Twitter, the video circulated around the web.

“That’s hilarious and genius,” one viewer commented.

“Great IDEA! Not sure if my chihuahua would do better in an Armani or Coach, just thanks to that it will be a small one… ” wrote Steve Smith.

The discovery is truly unique.

“I didn’t think it would get so popular,” Kendal told Buzzfeed. “It worked surprisingly well!”

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