A veteran was rudely asked to leave a market after he refused to leave his service dog outside. The dog is trained to accompany him everywhere he goes, especially public places. Being alone can trigger an attack of PTSD if he is not constantly accompanied by the dog. Budhi Blair, the veteran booted out, has expressed his pain and anxiety at the encounter.

Life had always been difficult for Blair and a chance encounter with dogs taught him a lot about life. Ryder, his dog, has convinced him not to use his troubled past as an excuse to mess up his present and future. He learned to live with the present.

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But the behavior of the staff at the downtown York Central Market pained him. He doesn’t blame the market because Blair feels that such an incident could have happened anywhere. He wants that people should ask questions first and not be indiscreet and thoughtless.

Ryder was a difficult dog in his childhood and was rescued by Blair who discovered his knack for handling dogs. He feels that both he and Ryder have saved each other.

The argument with the vendor at York Central Market about Ryder led to his being thrown out. The veteran booted out said that the woman was disrespectful and yelled at him not to return ever again.

Ryder is Blair’s close friend and healing dog. The navy veteran has PTSD and anxiety. Blair finds it impossible to be alone in public places. Ryder is always at his side. Blair gets irritable and uneasy and feels the need to be constantly on guard, relentlessly watching, and probing people when he is alone. Blair’s wife says that he is a man who is always walking around wounded. Any conflict or confrontation of this nature can trigger an anxiety attack. He remains disturbed after such incidents, at times for a month.

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The veteran booted out has only one request. People should not make snap judgments. It is always better to be kind than to start a conflict. The market authorities have since reached out to Blair and apologized. But they have failed to respond to their policy about letting in animals. Neither have they offered any explanation for the ill-treatment.