Animal abuse can happen in various forms. While we might only see animal abuse as something physical – hitting animals – there are also some invisible forms of abuse. One of them is keeping your pet is a harmful, unfavorable environment which can endanger their lives. This is what this owner from Cairo seems to have done.

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The owner left his dog tied in the balcony. The heat of this place is immense and the helpless dog was kept in the bright sun. There was no water left for it to drink and cool itself. The helpless dog tried to get inside the house but the door was locked. There was no way out. And so, while searching for a way out of the ‘hellish’ heat, the helpless dog somehow toppled over the balconyledge and fell down.

The Owner Should Go To Jail !!!!!

The Owner Should Go To Jail !!!!!

Posted by Dogs on Monday, September 23, 2019

Thankfully, the leash stopped its fall. It held on and slowly, putting all his strength, got back up. The video of this dog clambering against the ledge, trying to lift itself up is circulating all over the internet. It is such a tragic moment. Yes, the dog does struggle and get to the surface. But we can’t let out a sigh of relief. After all, the dog just saved itself and landed in the same hell that it was trying to escape from.

helpless dog saved

This just shows how many different kinds of abuse can actually exist. When you leave your pet is such a condition that they will do anything to escape from it, you are ABUSING your pet. In Cairo, it is quite common for people to leave their dogs in balcony, all alone in the heat. And such a thing is not just limited to Cairo. There have been instances where owners have left their dogs in the car. The sun heats up these cars making the dog sick and at times, this even turns fatal. It’s plain torture.

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PETA tries to warn people against doing such acts. Maybe the owners don’t know that their small acts can bring such torture upon their pets. That’s the reason why people should first be aware of how to treat their pets before adopting one.

Fortunately, the person capturing this video called the cops on the owner. He is now in jail. But that’s just one instance. We can’t expect to stop every cruel act in this manner.

Maybe it’s time to spread awareness far and wide and take a stand against such cruel owners.

Image Credit: Dogs and Facebook