Generally, your dog’s breath should be ok. Yes, they might huff and puff a lot due to energetic activity, but your dog’s breath should not have any unusual smell to it. However, like humans, dogs can show many internal problems through their skin, breath, or other body functions. One of them is their breath. When a dog’s breath acquires a specific smell, it might be saying something to you. Here is what a smell of a dog’s breath can mean:

1. Dental Issues

If there is tartar build-up on your dog’s teeth and they have bleeding gums, then it’s a sure sign that your dog has a lot of oral problems. You can get a special toothbrush and toothpaste to deal with this issue. Also, go to the vet twice a year for an oral checkup.

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2. Kidney Problems

If your dog’s breath has a tinge of ammonia in it, then that means one of the kidneys of your dog is failing. This is resulting in the waste build-up in their blood. Other symptoms are lack of appetite, change in weight, problems with urination, and general depression.

3. Diabetes

If your dog’s breath smells of sour fruit, it can be an indicator of diabetes. It might also smell like a nail polish remover. That means that the pancreas is not functioning properly and has stopped producing insulin. Your dog eats a lot but still faces weight loss and they might even sleep a lot too.

4. Liver Issues

If your dog’s breath is foul, there could be a liver problem. It is quite a common thing in the canine world and it works, like the kidneys. It helps in digestion. With liver failure, other symptoms show itself too like yellowing of gums and eye white, loss of appetite and vomiting.

5. Rhinitis and Sinusitis

If your dog’s breath smells a little funky but is overall okay, then it is just cold. During this time, your dog might start breathing with its mouth. It should go away in a couple of weeks. Or else, your vet can order some antibiotics.

6. Stomach Issues

Stomach issues can result in bad breath since it causes the inflammation of the esophagus. Since the dog will have trouble to swallow food, it can result in nausea and also diarrhea.

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For proper care, you have to look at every aspect of your dog. Hopefully, you can make a great owner.