Some animals are kept in such a miserable condition that their entire life will be decided on that phase. Such was the problem with this miserable dog living in a shelter. Clair Stokoe was browsing through Facebook when she came across this post. The dog looked quite precious to her but what actually clicked was that the dog had something vulnerable inside.

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miserable dog scared

The little Chihuahua was called Brie. Clair found out that the miserable dog lived in the miserable conditions of a dog mill. There, animals had to face a lot of animal abuse – in the form of terrible rooms or cages. The dog was full of scabs and malnourished. She was really afraid of people. When Clair came to meet her, she hid beside the shelter crew. It was from here that Clair discovered that maybe the dog was living in a dark cell. That’s why she was not meeting with others. They also learned that the weak dog was forced to give birth to two litters of puppies. This birth was given through Caesarian section – a fatal operation on such a small dog.

miserable dog not looking in light

That’s why when Clair went to meet the dog, she looked upset. She looked at her with wide- eyes – she was scared of her. Clair adopted the dog.

miserable dog looking outside

On her journey down to her hometown about 600 miles away, Brie started to get a little bit comfortable. However, her comfort went through the roof when the miserable dog saw that there were other dogs here too. Vesper, one of the family dogs, just adopted Brie like her puppy. They would even eat and walk together.

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miserable dog finds love

Brie has really changed and become much more positive about life. We can’t know what this miserable dog went through during her pregnancy. But we know that she has a strong spirit and that is all that matters.