Dogs are incredible. However, here and there, a portion of their propensities are somewhat odd. Like when they kick their feet after they’ve gone to the washroom. Ever asked why?

dog kicks feet

Turns out its instinct. Dogs are careful animals who are keeping an eye out for different canines who might be infringing on their domain. Our dogs consider crapping as a method for making an impression on different dogs that the ground they simply carried out the thing on, is theirs. By kicking up the earth a short time later, they’re aggravating the aroma of the washroom alongside the pheromones originating from their feet organs to make one in number fragrance. Furthermore, the upsetting grass additionally fills in as a visual hint to different dogs that they’re strolling on another person’s domain.

Dogs Kick Their Feet

The pheromones from kicking the ground are actually stronger than the scent from their crap or pee. Other than the regional cases, these pheromones can likewise fill in as different alerts for dogs, for example, potential peril. While it might appear to be peculiar to us people, it is ideal to leave them to their propensities supposing that you intrude on a dog from doing what is normal to them, you may start to cause them to feel progressively powerless. So it would appear that dogs can’t avoid being dogs.