Dogs are amazing. But every now and then, we discover some strange habits and behaviors they do. For instance, why dogs kick their feet after they’ve gone to the bathroom. Ever asked yourself why?

Dogs are very cautious animals who are monitoring if other dogs maybe breaking into their territory. Our pups consider their poop a sign to other canines that this groud is actually their property.


Therefore, dogs kick their feet up dirt after finishing the bathroom just to increase the smell. Combining the smell with the pheromones of their feet glands to make a strong smell. Also, the ruined grass is also a sign and a visual clue to other canines that they’re walking on another dog’s territory.

The pheromones from kicking the ground are actually stronger than the smell of their poo or pee. Besides, These pheromones can also be a warning for other dogs. For example, a potential danger. While it would seem unusual to us, humans, it is best to leave them to their instincts because if you interrupt a dog from doing what is natural to them, you might begin to make them feel weaker. Accept your dog just as he is!

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