Some love licking humans, others – don’t. And the way our dogs do it can tell us the reason for it.

If dogs are allowed to lick their humans, they might lick other people too. But if licking is not reinforced, dogs usually stop doing it.

Many people are happy to receive “kisses” from their pets, they smile or laugh, and this reaction is perceived by the dog as positive reinforcement. And this means this behavior will be demonstrated more and more often.

▫️Why do dogs lick our face?

We’re not sure, but we can guess.

A dog mom and her puppy litter constantly lick each other And the more the mother licks her puppies, the less receptive to stress they become. So, such dogs grow up to be happier than others. Some think that such interaction decreases the level of stress hormones in the organism.

▫️Why do dogs lick our feet?

Dogs explore the world through smell. From a biological point of view, feet are the “tastiest” part of the body – there are so many smells concentrated there.

▫️Why do dogs lick air?

Most probably, it is related to stress. When a dog is feeling pressured or afraid of something.
Think about the context of the situation: when does your dog lick air? Did someone enter the house? Is someone touching the dog? Are children playing nearby? Is someone close to his/her bowl?
Pay attention to triggers and the dog’s body language.

▫️Why do dogs lick their nose?

This may also be a signal of stress. Try to find the reason and eliminate it. It can be the some of our own actions, especially if the human is practicing the “dominance theory”: taking away the dog’s food or toys and etc. Such actions don’t make you a leader, but rather contribute to your dog’s distrust in you.

▫️Why do dogs lick human’s hands?

You might think it’s just a kiss, but that’s not exactly right😄
There can be some smells remaining on our hands after touching something that our dogs can smell even if we have washed our hands.
Maybe you’ve touched keys, money, elevator buttons… A whole world of smells to explore!