Have you ever smelled your dog’s feet? If you do, you’ll realize that your dog’s feet smell like corn chips. But don’t worry! it’s normal.

Well, if you have – whether by accident or on not – you will notice a smell of corn chips. And you’re no longer insane! Your dog’s toes do indeed smell like Fritos. Relying on what your nostrils selections up. And there’s a source for this scent as well.

dog’s feet smell like corn chips
dog’s feet smell like Fritos

As it turns out that the scent is because of the microorganisms residing on the footpads. Especially, the microorganism called Pseudomonas and Proteus. Since the hair grows longer among your dog’s toes. So, it can create a safe haven for the bacteria and creates the correct surroundings for them to grow. Therefore, it causes the smell. But you don’t have to worry, it’s all absolutely natural.

Unlike humans puppies’ most effective sweat through the components in their bodies that aren’t covered by fur. That approach that the most sweat glands are placed in your dog’s paws, with a few more in their nostril. That is why if it’s a very hot day, you may be aware little moist doggie paws on the floor – it’s their sweat!

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So, we know why on a hot summer’s day, your dog will sit panting after an extended walk. Due to the fact in general, the areas of skin on their feet and nose aren’t big enough to cool them down. As a result, they heavily depend on the evaporation of moisture from their tongue. As well as from the lining in their lungs, with a view to lower frame temperature.

But similar to people, the sweat that dogs produce doesn’t sincerely have a fragrance on its own – it’s the microorganisms that produce the scent. But there are a couple of factors that you can try a good way to keep the smell to a minimum.

The first trick is easy: simply wash the soles of your dog’s feet. The 2d is to very carefully trim the hair among your dog’s paws.

However, there is a warning to maintain in mind. While a little bit of an odor to your pup’s toes is perfectly normal, simply keep an eye out for immoderate odor, discharge, or swelling from their feet. Any of these may be a signal of contamination and ought to be given on the spot medical interest at your nearby vet.

Source: Meghann Conter