We all know some people wear their hearts on their sleeves but ever met a dog who wears it on his nose? Wiley, the dalmatian, is like most other dogs- adorable, friendly and playful and a bundle of infectious joy! He always has a smile on his face and a wag in his tail. But he is famous for a different reason. He has a heart-shaped mark on his nose. It has grown with him. Along with it has grown the number of his friends.

He stepped into his present home with a tinier version of the heart on his nose. Lexi Smith, his mom wasn’t sure it would stay that way. She expected the shape to look different or disappear as Wiley grew up. But it has stayed true to the doggo.

Wiley has a legion of friends and makes new ones every time he goes out. His good nature and boundless energy make him a natural when it comes to breaking the ice. And his fans on the internet are growing by the day.

The adorable heart-shaped mark on his nose is a rage. This priceless jewel gets him mobbed wherever he goes and the star knows it. He brings a smile on even the glummest person just by showing his cute lil nose.

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Wiley is wise for his age and is aware that he spreads an aura of love and makes the most of it. His paws are extended for all and sundry.

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Feeling more twerky than worky today #minimemonday

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All the other dogs he meets on his daily rounds are his friends. He has a sibling at home, a cat. He loves watching 101 Dalmatians and counts hiking as his favorite hobby, next to making friends, of course.

Wiley is a bit spoilt but in an adorable way. If he makes up his mind on something, all he has to do is give you that look, all oozing with cuteness and you will just give in. Smith taught Wiley to sit quite early but he expects a reward every time he obeys. He is a bit put off when Smith refuses but then he finally has his way.

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What? Is there something on my nose?

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Wiley’s popularity grows with time. People around him realize that the heart beating inside him is as loving and adorable as the heart-shaped mark on his nose.
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