Randy loves his dog Gemini and that love was put to the test when Gemini fell sick and needed immediate surgery to save his life. Randy did not have that kind of money to save his sick dog, but what he had instead was enough to see him through. He resolved to get the money for his dog’s treatment by selling the car.

dog's treatment

But then Gemini is not just his pet. He is family. Randy and Gemini have been together since the dog was just a pup. His present predicament began when Gemini and Randy were playing with the daughter of Randy’s girlfriend. His girlfriend’s baby girl threw a bottle at Gemini and the dog chewed on it. Soon he felt sick. Randy noticed that Gemini was slowing down considerably. Randy realized that he had to make immediate arrangements for his beloved dog’s treatment. He resolved to do everything in his power to relieve his suffering.

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dog's treatment

The first vet he visited didn’t have a clue about Gemini’s illness. Randy went to several places for his sick dog’s treatment. His preoccupation cost him his job. It was a frightening and desperate moment in Randy’s life.

dog's treatment

He finally reached the right place and the vet was able to pin down the cause – a painful blockage caused by a piece of the bottle lodged inside. But Randy’s troubles had only just begun. The operation to take out the foreign particle would cost Randy a whopping $4,000.

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dog's treatment

He did not have that sort of money with him immediately. But that was not going to be a deterrent for his dog’s treatment. He put up his car for sale.

dog's treatment post

He posted that his best friend was dying and he needed to sell his car for his dog’s treatment. He pointed out that his car even had a new suspension.

dog's treatment

Randy’s love for his dog echoed on social media and people began sharing his post. By a stroke of luck, Street Outreach Animal Response came forward and gave him $3,000 towards his dog’s treatment. Another friend also lent him $2,000.

Randy didn’t have to sell his car and Gemini sailed through his operation. He is doing well. Randy’s valiant effort for his dog’s treatment has finally borne fruit. Gemini will surely think twice before having anything to do with a bottle.

Credit: Facebook/Randy Etter