Jen was in her room when she heard her fiancé playing a love song. The song was “That’s Amore” by Dean Martin and she knew who he was singing to. It was for their lovely Pit Bull called Lady. Jen decided to go covert and catch these moments in camera.

fiancé playing a love song

She quietly went outside his room and saw her fiancé and Lady enjoying the music. The song was playing on his phone and he was singing along with it. His beloved pet all curled up beside him, grooving with the music. It must have been a heart-touching moment for everyone who is in the video as well as those who watch it.

Both the owner and the pet were lost in the melody. Jen became emotional on seeing her fiancé playing a love song for their pet. Lady was family to them as they had got her when she was only 9-week-old. In all this time, Lady has become a part of their lives. Their love for their pet is immense and they are loved back by her.

The look on Lady’s face listening to Jen’s fiancé playing a love song for her is precious. Both she and her owner are having a good time together. A loving bond between a pet and its owner is so blissful to watch!

fiancé playing a love song

This video made by Jen Anderson went viral and people adored it. It shows just how much love exists between a dog and their family. They are lucky to have each other.

Posted by Jen Anderson on Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Having a pet is a stress-buster as they instantly lighten up your mood. The pet is also lucky to have a caring and loving owner. Lady is lucky to be in a family that adores her. Jen’s video of her fiancé playing a love song for their pet also shows us that dogs, just like humans, enjoy music and a bit of dance. What more could they ask for!

Source: Jen Anderson/Facebook