Seeing a sick puppy in pain is never a pleasant sight. Sometimes, we come across such news where the negligence of a human led to the death of their dog. It could be intentional, it could be an accident, but in every which way- it is the dog which pays.

Not this time.

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When Kylina Turner was inspecting an Austin property in Texas, all the way back in October 2018, she never thought she would see a dog. In fact, she never thought she would see a sick puppy whose legs had gotten stuck in a bed frame. The dog was so frail, so sick, that life seemed to be moving away from him. Incidentally, it was a tenant who had found the dog. They had put them in their courtyard where he got himself stuck in a bed frame.

sick puppy

Ironically, Kylina thought it was a stuffed animal- seeing the stillness in its movements. But no, it was a real living being that wasn’t at all afraid of her. Maybe the sick puppy knew why she was there. All in all, both of them have to thank fate for it.

sick dog

The erstwhile gorgeous German Shepherd was completely sunburnt and appeared to be starving. But she couldn’t stand still, could she? She lifted the sick puppy in her sweater and took him to a vet.

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ONE YEAR!!!! 🎉⁣ One year since I was discovered in horrible conditions.⁣ One year since I was rushed to the vet for emergency care.⁣ One year since they didn’t know if I would make it.⁣ One year since I had my first real meal.⁣ One year since a community rallied behind me with support and donations.⁣ One year since I was shown love for the first time.⁣ One year since I gained a family. ⁣ Happy one year rescue day to me 🐾❤️ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #beforeandafter #transformation #adoption #puppydog #puppylife #germanshepherddog #shepherd #gsd #gsdofinstagram #gsdpuppy #rescue #rescuedog #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescuedogs #puppy #puppylove #adoptdontshop #atx #austintx #texas #instadog #instadogs #dogsofinstagram #dogsofinsta #instagramdogs #instapet #animalsinfluence #thedodo @dogslifegram @germanshepherdsplanet @instagsd @german.shep @german_shepherd_pic @germanshepherd.heaven @australiabestdogs @dogsofinstaworld @doglove_co @doggytheworld @shepherdfanworld @barkyio @yourdogsinsta @rescuepetsofinstagram @lily_thedodo @jordanthedodo @madithedodo @keren_thedodo @gillianthedodo @thedodo

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The vet reports were even more saddening- the sick dog, who was supposed to be weighing around 50 pounds at the age of 6 months, weighed just 18 pounds. The dog, which was finally christened Caro, had to get diagnosed for malnourishment, internal parasites, etc.

And while Kylina did want to adopt Caro, there was the question of money. But that got resolved very quickly as her GoFundMe page garnered a lot of donations. As it goes with all good stories, she finally got to adopt Caro- the sick puppy.

sick puppy

As they say, they happily lived ever after. Although she was slightly worried that her Casey, her 7-year-old dog, might not take kindly to Caro, they soon became best friends.

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No one can deny the power of snuggles and cuddles, as this sick puppy soon transformed into a healthy, robust good boy.

sick puppy and Kylina

The love between Caro and Kylina is extremely evident, for both of them are thankful to each other for being in their lives.

And we are extremely happy for them!

Images: Instagram/caro_the_shepherd