A person has asked on Reddit what he has to do, his wife said that his dog escaped and then he discovered that she dumped him at the kennel. The man says that he loved nothing in the world more than his dog.

Dog Escaped

The man also clarified that he had this dog before he got married to the lady and it was part of the family. When his wife was pregnant, she started to say that the dog is aggressive. The man explained that the dog was trained so well and he was socializing and he wasn’t aggressive to anyone.

The man also said that his wife called him one day and was crying and she said that the dog has run away and she couldn’t find him.

In the end, he had his real heartbreak when he knew he will not be with his best friend again. However, he was concerning the upcoming baby that he will take care of. Then he found out the lie that his wife did all of this, and he felt really furious after that.

He added:

I believed her. I looked for that dog for weeks.

Redditors understood the pain he felt. And how hard it is to lose your dog and to know that your wife lied to you. They also said that his wife couldn’t stop the pain he felt when he was suffering trying to find his lovely dog.

He added:

It’s been five years since then and we now have three children. I’ve wanted to get a new dog but the kids take a lot of energy and time. My wife has always had a new excuse not to get another dog.

He then found out the lie that he has been told:

I found out recently that my dog didn’t run away, my wife and her father took the dog to the pound while I was at work because her parents agreed with her about the dog being “dangerous

Dog Escaped

Unsurprisingly, this shocked the man and angered him greatly. Also, other Redditors clarified that she was disrespectful that she did that without his confirmation him as a parent and took a decision behind your back and forced him to deal with the reality instead of reaching for a solution together.

Then, Reddit users told him not to bring the dog home. His wife will definitely try to dump him again. And this may hurt the poor dog that may find a loving home later.