Trevor Goward was sure that he was dead. Nothing could stop the inevitable. He was lost in the wilderness and the entrance was left behind more than 2 kilometers away. The scientist, at the age of 67, had gone lost while researching on the different varieties of plants. He recorded a few farewell messages for his family and friends.

Before hyperthermia set in and was making him delirious, he had told his wonderful dog, Purple, to fetch help. He knew Purple was reliable and she would find help as soon as she comes by it. But his only worry was she may not be able to. At least not in time. He did not even know if his partner, Curtis Bjork was near or not.

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But then, the wonderful dog Purple found Bjork.

Goward was sure to die when the members from a fire organization arrived. They had followed Purple and the wonderful dog brought the crowd to the spot. They build a fire there and warmed him up. With some pain medication, Goward was able to stand up on his feet. He was then supported on the back of other people. The researcher ended up getting early admission to the hospital.

wonderful dog

The wonderful dog Purple did not leave the side of Goward ever. Even when he was dying, he came back with help. When Goward was in the ambulance, she was there to look after him.

Goward, quite happily, recalls how the purple hue of Purple’s nose earned him that name.

The experience has taught Goward three things – a bond with the community and a stronger bond with Purple. He will also think of dying and death differently.

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Still Goward thanks Purple immensely and wishes to return the favor back in some way. Maybe a large bone this time around.

Image Credit: Trevor Goward