Not all stray animals are feral. And examples like this prove the point every day. Mothers always try to keep their offspring warm, especially when they are mere babies. And we have also seen many mothers from one species taking care of babies of another species.  Be it a dog feeding kittens or a duck keeping a freezing puppy warm. The internet is full of such examples. Because compassion is not limited to Man.

In the latest show of such compassion, a stray dog was spotted with a litter of stray kittens in Canada. An animal shelter managed to get a few clicks of this loving doggo. According to them, the compassionate doggo, Serenity, had found the stray kittens on a cold night on the side of a road. Instinctively, the dog decided to keep them warm by snuggling close to them!

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stray kittens in Canada

While the stray kittens in Canada were unfortunately left to fend for themselves on a cold night, thankfully this dog showed up. The kittens surely would have not survived long in an open road on the cold winter night. And the ones who witnessed this whole ordeal were prompt in their action too.

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Posted by Pet and Wildlife Rescue on Friday, November 22, 2019

An Animal Control officer was called in to pick up the stray kittens in Canada. The kittens along with Serenity were sent to the Pet and Wildlife Rescue center in Ontario.

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As of now, the kittens have a warm bed. Since they are still very young, it will be some time before the stray kittens in Canada are put up for adoption. We wish these kittens and the compassionate dog all our love and blessings!