Veterinarian Patrick Kalanzi has two wonderful pets, Ty and Dilly. He often takes them with him to his workplace. But sometimes he has to house them in a kennel as situation demands. But recently he discovered that he can’t keep his Pit Bull Ty tied to one place for long.

Ty is a super smart dog and he has figured out how to open the kennel cage doors. You read it right. Ty knows how to use his tongue for things other than eating. He now uses it also to open the kennel doors. In this video, you can see him doing just that.

“Don’t worry Dilly, I’ll break us out of here” Pictured: Dr Patrick’s own – Ty and Dilly Kalenzi

Posted by Rock Creek Veterinary Hospital on Saturday, November 30, 2019

Necessity is the mother of all inventions, they say. For Ty, the need to remain free made him learn this trick by himself. He doesn’t want to be in the kennel, he wants to be with his owner. And for that, he is ready to break free of the cage he is kept in.

There is nothing that can keep Ty tied in one place, his spirit is free. He also knows how to keep himself free now. Along with him, his best friend Dilly is also rendered free. What more a friend could do for their BFF than give them freedom!

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But what’s surprising is the short time within which Ty learned to unlock the door. At first, no one understood how Ty and Dilli are getting free. But as they followed their activities they soon got to see Ty in action.

It’s amazing how people couldn’t keep Ty tied to one place. He is so crafty, intelligent and hungry for freedom that he got a way out. We wish Mr. Kalanzi wouldn’t need to keep his pets in a kennel cage in the future. No one deserves to be held in a prison after all.

Featured Image: Rock Creek Veterinary Hospital