A video of a dog taking his two human friends on a spin on his bike has gone viral. The video is all over social media and has garnered thousands of views and hundreds of comments. Most have expressed surprised at the incident while some have commented that he is doing a great job. Some have also cautioned the dog to wear a helmet the next time. They have failed to realize that wearing one would have defeated the whole purpose of the video as the dog driving on the highway intended to showcase his talent to the world!

It is not clear though whether the doggy school of driving recommends helmets for their students. While helmets were the overriding issue, many were floored at the cool factor. Many others were taken in by the cuteness of the dog driving. Some have also expressed anxiety at the risk involved in taking irresponsible humans along on a ride.

It appears from some comments that this video was shot in Brazil. A dash of craziness is a part of Brazilian life as seen in their soccer skills.

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Driving is just not something you do to get somewhere. That is just the boring part. For some, like this cool canine, it is about the chase, the wind in your face, and spectacular races with other drivers. It takes all kinds to make into the social media world and these three are part of the eccentric club. We eagerly look forward to the sequel when our dog chases down a cat driving a Ferrari.

While some might assert that taking crazy things seriously is a serious waste of time, this dog driving a bike down the highway with his two friends has proved that sane is boring.